Cook it, don’t cook it –
you’re the MASTER of your own Tofoo.

But here are some cooking instructions you might find useful.

There's more to Tofoo than just squares. Dice it, Chop it, Slice it or Crumble it before your Chomp it!
Hot & Spicy, Green & Mean or Zesty & Fresh, give your Tofoo a tasty bath in a flavourful marinade. Pick your flavour, soak it up and tuck in!
We bet you could make a Tofoo scramble almost as quickly as you could watch this video. Go on, we dare you.
Crisp 'n' crunch before ya' munch! Dust your Tofoo with some cornflour before you fry for a satisfying crunch.
How to prep tofu
Open the packet (obviously) and drain off any excess moisture – it’s only natural. No need to press – we’re special like that. Your Tofoo is firm enough without any meddling. Then chop it up however you fancy – cubes, slices, slabs or go wild and do triangles! Then you're ready to go.
How to fry tofu
Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan and get it nice and toasty. Now fry your Tofoo until it’s golden brown all over – 10 minutes should do – then simply chuck in any sauce and veg as usual. Feeling really snazzy? Dust with a little cornflour before frying to make it crispier. Or try different oils – sesame or coconut could be a game changer.
How to bake tofu
Everyone forgets to pre-heat their oven. But not you. You’re a Tofoo legend. 200°C please. And while you’re waiting, toss your Tofoo in oil and place on a baking sheet. Want it extra crispy? (Silly question.) Sprinkle on a little cornflour. Now bake until golden brown and crisp – 20 mins should do the trick. Ta dah! Perfect Tofoo that’s ready for anything.
It's not wizardry, it's air frying and it's the secret to perfectly crispy Tofoo. Get your air fryer nice and hot, 180°C should do it, then add your Tofoo onto the rack in a single layer. Spray with a little oil and cook for 5 minutes. Turn over tofu and spray again with oil and cook for a further 5 minutes. Want even crispier Tofoo? Of course you do. Make sure you toss your Tofoo in a little cornflour first for extreme crispiness!

And some great Tofoo tips:

#TIP 1


Praise be to seasoning and all hail the taste. Give your Tofoo as much flavouring as you like – all you have to do is believe.

#TIP 2


Hey, man. Give your Tofoo some added crunch with a good dusting of cornflour before it goes into the super hot frying pan. Cosmic.

#TIP 3


Remember to get your pan hotter than Hotty McHotface from Hotsville, Hotshire before you fry your Tofoo.

#TIP 4


Your Tofoo is a meal-time chameleon – ready to transform into anything you fancy – all you have to do is feed it with flavour. Hot chilli, sesame, soy, hoisin, BBQ or one of your own creations.

  • Drain your Tofoo and pat dry
  • Cube, slice or shape
  • Stick it in a bowl or air tight container
  • Mix your marinade ingredients and smother your Tofoo
  • Leave to marinate for at least 20 mins (preferably longer/overnight)
  • Fry, bake or eat raw

#TIP 5


What are you waiting for? Break out the breadcrumbs and give your Tofoo a crispier, crunchier bite. Perfect for Tofoo Katsu, Tofoo Goujons or Tofoo Fillets! Or go crumb crazy and do your own thing.

  • Cube or slice your Tofoo
  • Marinate if you want – or leave plain
  • Dust in cornflour
  • Dip in egg whites*
  • Roll in breadcrumbs (homemade or shop bought)
  • Fry in hot sunflower oil – the hotter the better!

Instead of using egg white, use the left over liquid lurking in the bottom of your Tofoo pack or open a tin of chickpeas and pinch a bit from there. It’ll still be super tasty and crisp, but super vegan too. And if you’re opening a tin of chickpeas, why not make a Tofoo and chickpea curry? Deeeelicious!

#TIP 6


Olive oil is good for lots of things, but not frying Tofoo. It just can’t take the heat you’ll need in your pan. Use sesame oil or coconut oil instead – it’ll make your Tofoo crispier and tastier. Honest.

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