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You don’t start a revolution by doing the same as everyone else. So in 2015, husband and wife team David and Lydia decided to rip up the rulebook and stick their tongue out at the tofu establishment.

Tofu had long been one of the most unloved and misunderstood foods.

It would seen ‘tofuphobia’ takes many forms: some assume it’s just for veggies, others are put off by memories of a bad Chinese meal and most are just perplexed with what to do with that funny-looking white block. Back in 2016, we decided it was time to show the world just how brilliant tofu can be. No longer to be pushed away into a dark corner or to be the punchline to bad jokes about vegan cooking, it was time to bring great-tasting tofu to the masses!

Building a great business was always a dream of ours and we set our hearts on developing a brand that celebrated all the wonderful things you can do with this amazing ingredient. We came across a small artisan tofu business in Malton, North Yorkshire, run by a tofu lover who wanted to retire, and we could see real potential! We organised a visit to the factory and, upon trying the product, we just knew this was the start of something good – we had never tasted tofu like this – it was different, it was special, it was Tofoo.

Right from the very beginning, we knew we wanted The Tofoo Co. to represent not only amazing tofu, but all the values that are important to us, like great teamwork, sustainability, ethical sourcing, quality ingredients and great craftsmanship.

The Tofoo Co. has grown quickly but continues to focus on that amazing product we first discovered in Malton. So, if you were once that person who turned their nose up at tofu, we urge you to give Tofoo a go. And we hope you will join us in saying: ‘I love Tofoo!’


Dave & Lydia
Owners & Founders of The Tofoo Co.

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