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Tofoo is a winning ingredient with chefs, with naturalness, flexibility and a product diners love

2 in 3 UK adults believe it is important that the food they eat out of home is healthy & natural*, The Tofoo Co tofu is good for consumers in many ways!

Diners are increasingly prioritising healthier and more natural food choices without compromising on flavour. Tofu, a plant-based protein, offers a nutritious alternative without the drawbacks associated with processed meat mimics.

*NIQ Veganuary Report Jan 24

We can ‘out-chicken’ a chicken breast any day

Dice, grate, chop, crumble, slice, roast, fry, grill, saute

  • Handmade with 3 natural ingredients
  • High in protein
  • Great texture
  • Amazing ability to take on flavour

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