• May 20, 2021

Tofu Marinade Ideas

Marinading Tofu is one of the most exiting experiences because the world is your oyster. Tofu is like a little edible sponge (not in texture don’t worry, not tofoo at least) it sucks up all the flavour you give it.

Marinading tofu does require a wee bit of planning, but not very much. Other brands (not naming names) the processing of prepping tofu would be more extensive. It would require draining and pressing, for at least 30 minutes, before you could even think about marinading. Tofoo has already done that step for you so can make the dinner prep much more straight forward. So YOU can crack right on with drenching your tofu in flavour.

How long do you need to marinade tofu for?

There is no time limit to marinading. Anywhere from 5 minutes to overnight. Obviously the longer you leave it, the more flavour the tofu can absorb.

What can I marinade tofu with?

When it comes to marinading tofu, your store cupboard is your arsenal. There are a few basic elements that are good to include in any marinade but none are essential. You can really make it up as you go along.

Try and have at least one kind of fat, yogurt, oil, peanut butter. This will help your tofu get crispy when cooking.

Next would be an acid – this can be vinegar, citrus juice or zest. Something salty and maybe something sweet. Soy sauce, maple syrup, liquid smoke or agave.

And then for the fun bit, the flavour from your cuisine of choice. This is where you pack in all the specific tastes. Herbs, spices. Anything goes. The best place to start, with this step, is the dish. What are you cooking? If it’s an Asian dish think Asian flavours, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, chilli, lime juice. Fancy some tacos? Go chipotle, lime zest, smoked paprika, chilli powder. Is it curry night? Plant based yogurt, gara masala or any curry powder and throw in some chopped coriander.

Do not be afraid to pack in the spices because this will do wonders to your final dish. If you don’t know what flavours are from what cuisine, have a quick google, search ‘Thai flavours’ ‘Spanish spices’. See what is suggested and see what you have to use.

If you are fancying something more directly linked to a type of meat. You can search steak seasoning, or what is in a chicken rub? Or use the pre mixed kits (a lot are vegetarian and vegan friendly). You can even do a Fish based marinade, if you are missing those fishy Fridays, using oil, capers, lemon juice and nori.

How do you actually marinade tofu?

We have told you how long to marinade and what to use- but how do you actually do it?

From quantity perspective there is no clear answer to this, it will depend on how much tofu you are cooking and how you like your food to taste. Eyeballing it the first few times will give you a good idea on how much of certain flavours you like. Remember you can always add more but you can’t take any away so go slow. Adding bit by bit tasting as you go (a good chef always tastes their food).

Marinades can be blended, or if you are feeling extra lazy (efficient) just add straight to the container you are using and jobs a gooden. We recommend using a Tupperware with a good lid so you can shake *gently* to combine, before putting in the fridge till you need to use it.

Now you are all marinaded and ready to get cooking. Or if its like our Tofeta recipe eat straight out of the jar- raw as raw can be!

You don’t have to marinade but it does make a hell of a difference. Here are some of our favourite quick and easy recipes with marinaded tofu. Get chefing.

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