• February 12, 2021

The 5 best Tofu Stir-fry Recipes

We always bang on about tofu’s versatility, and stir-fry’s are a top-notch example, of even within one kind of dish, the possibilities are endless. Smoked tofu, Tempeh, Teriyaki Tofu; all can be used to create simple, zesty, easy, mouth-wateringly good plates of food.

Why put tofu in a stir-fry you ask? Tofu absorbs flavours like a champ, and that comes in pretty handy when you are looking for a speedy flavour punch.

Stir fry’s are the ideal quick meal, simple to prepare, speedy to cook- which is perfect as a midweek meal or a cheeky fakeaway AND all of these can be cooked in under 15 mins

1. Sesame Tofoo Stir Fry

Is there anything better than a big bowl of spicy noodles? … A big bowl of spicy noodles with tofu. All the scrumptious flavours make that tofu sing. Just because these are vegan noodles don’t mean they lack flavour.

2. Chilli & Hoisin Naked Tofoo Stir-Fry

Hoisin stir fry has that comforting effect that makes you want to gobble a whole plate and back for seconds. Spicy, sweet, salty and sticky all the things you want *chefs kiss*

3. Teriyaki Tofoo Stir Fry

Wait so you are telling us this tofu is pre marinated? We wouldn’t have to do anything but chop it up? This is a stir fry dish for the lazy *cough cough* sorry efficient cooks out there. Bang it in a pan and get chomping.

4. Satay Smoked Tofoo Stir Fry

Forget Romeo and Juliet, peanut’s and tofu are a match made to last. AND to take this dish one step further we use smoked tofu! Goodness we do treat you

5. Ginger Sesame Tempeh Stir Fry

Couldn’t be a top 5 stir fry blog without throwing in some tempeh. Well, the recipe says add the tempeh but feel free to throw (with caution of course). This zesty slightly sweet stir fry is bound to be a winner.

Turn up the heat and get that oil sizzling. Which one will you try first?