• December 23, 2021

Best Tofu Curry Recipes

Who doesn’t love Autumn…? Leaves are changing colour, it’s time to cosy up and whip out your favourite woolly jumper, eat good food and get ready for SPOOKY SEASON.  

And when you try some of our best Tofu curry recipes you will be SHOCKED by how good they are. Nothing says Halloween like a big bowl of spicy saucy goodness.  

Curries are a no-brainer this time of year, they are warm and comforting, perfect to make in bulk and really easy dinners all round. Tofu and curry go together like campfires & smores. Tofu makes the perfect addition to any curry, absorbing all that amazing flavour while giving you that satisfying bite (very similar in texture to Paneer but much lower in fat). Try switching out your normal curry recipes for one of these tofu ones and see a whole new world open up! 

Our Top Picks!

We have lined up our Top 5 Tofu Curry recipes (and 3 yummy sides) for you to try this Autumn, ordered from mildest to hottest. But no fear if you don’t like things too spicy! You can always take out any chillies. On the flip side, if you like things HOT, whack a couple of chillies on top for that extra sizzle. 

Tempeh Tikka Masala

    We couldn’t not include one of Britain’s favourite foods on this list. We have taken the classic Tikka Masala and added a little Tempeh Twist. Certainly a must make! 

     Tofoo Rogan Josh 

      Things are starting to get SPICY! This Rogan Josh made with our classic Naked Tofoo has a little bit of a kick but still airing on the side of spicy caution. We recommend making up a big old batch of this one and storing in your freezer ready to whip out when you need a bit of spice to your midweek meals. 

      Tofoo Pathia Curry

        All things nice and a little bit of spice. This Pathia Curry balances hot, sweet, and sour for the most scrumptious curry kick.  

        Tofoo Rendang

          Magic mirror on the wall which curry is the hottest of them all? Nothing beats this Tofu Rendang for spice or flavour (a little tip from us, batch make the paste – it stores perfect in the freezer and will save you heaps of time). 

          All of these curries go AMAZING with our Spiced Tofoo Bhaji with Mint Raita. Some Tofoo and Pea Samosas  and with a side of Coconut Naan Dippers!