• October 3, 2022

We WON 2 Great Taste Awards!!




For anyone that didn’t know, that was us playing a trumpet. And why are we playing the trumpet you might ask? Well, because we are celebrating winning not one, but TWO Great Taste Awards. 

A Great Taste award is a where your product gets judged by a load of experts with super amazing palates, trained to sniff out the best of the best. And they tried Tofoo and decided it was pretty darn tasty stuff! 

So for all those tofu nay-sayers out there, we’ve made this post to stick out our tongues. Looks like you are wrong! Looks like tofu is tasty after all! Well, maybe not completely wrong, but definitely wrong about Tofoo 😝 

Just in case you didn’t believe us Tofoo really does taste 10/10, and we now have the experts seal of approval. Can’t argue with that! 

Now we have convinced you we are the best, here are our best Tofoo recipes

Tofish and Chips

Firecracker Tofoo Rainbow Bowl 

Tandoori Smoked Tofoo Skewers 

Banh Mi 

Make sure you keep those eyes peeled for our new packs which sport the Great Taste Awards logo, just encase you ever forget how fabulous Tofoo is. *hehe*