• May 16, 2022

Sriracha Tofoo!

Introducing….Sriracha Tofoo! Our classic extra-firm Tofoo, marinated in a sweet and tangy Flying Goose Sriracha sauce for spicy yumminess. Serving suggestion: Mild sweating, panting a bit, waving your hand in front of your mouth and acting like it’s not too hot for you. 

This is exactly what you need to spice up your life. A collaboration you never knew you wanted but now won’t be able to live without. On the official spicy scale our Flying Goose Tofoo sits between ooh ‘eck and wowzers my trousers. But it’s nothing you can’t handle! And not only is our Tofoo block drenched in spicy Sriracha, we’ve blended in a special mix of sriracha spices through the tofu so every mouthful will keep your taste buds doing the tango!  

What do I make with this incredible form of tofu innovation you might ask, well we have listed below some of our top recipes. 

Honey, Sriracha and Pineapple Tofoo Pops

Forget pineapple on pizza, pineapple with tofu, there is no debate! These Tofoo Pops work brill on a BBQ.  

Korean Fried Tofoo (KFT) Burgers

We love anything fried and drenched in spice, and you’re going to love this one too! This KFT burger is a 10/10, drool all over yourself, make it for all your friends kind of burger. You gotta try it! 

Sriracha Lime Steaks 

These Tofoo Sriracha Lime Steaks are the super fancy, easy peasy dinner of your dreams. Gourmet dinners on a Wednesday night? Yes please!  

Peanut Tofoo Spring Rolls

Spring has well and truly sprung (apart from this awful weather, come on sun show your face!) these spring rolls will absolutely blow your mind and make you go a bit nutty (see what we did there *wink wink*). Get wrapping rolling and munching asap. 

Get your hands on Sriracha Tofoo now, available in selected Tesco and Waitrose stores!