• September 6, 2021

Our TV debut is ‘Like Nothing Else’

Look mum, we’re on TV! And it’s like no TV ad you’ve ever seen before. Why’s that? Because there’s nothing like Tofoo.

Tofoo’s not like other plantbased products, it’s not even like other tofu. It’s proud to be itself and we think that’s worth shouting about! We wanted to show tofu in new, unexpected ways, it is delicious and it’s the food of the future.

Our TV ad champions individuality and authenticity and to pull this off we needed someone who was fiercely, undoubtably and infectiously themselves! Our artist Solomon Golding is bold, stands out from the crowd, and has pride in who he is. Tofoo’s all about self-expression and so is Solomon. And if you’ve watched the ad and are feeling a little jealous because you can’t even touch your own toes, don’t be: Solomon was the first Black-British born dancer to join The Royal Ballet in London so he’s super bendy like a human Stretch Armstrong.

The music for our ad is Teke the latest single by Toya Delazy, a really cool Afrowave singer based in London. The fabulous styling is by Mia Maxwell (check out those frocks!).  The drool-worthy recipes can all be found on our website and here are the links: Teriyaki Tofoo Bao Buns, Mapo Tofoo Udon Bowl, Tofoo Gyro, Tandoori Tofoo Skewers, Scrambled Tofoo Bagel. Yum!

‘Like Nothing Else’ will initially air as part of Channel 4’s ‘Black to Front’ day, showcasing black talent and across their network of channels throughout September. Let us know if you see us on the box!