Even more tasty recipes!

Check out these new Tofoo and Tempeh delights

We’ve pulled more tasty recipes out of the bag. A big Tofoo fan? Or just wanting to give it a go? There’s something for everyone. Tasty Tofoo stir fries, spicy curries, zingy pasta, warming soup, fancy loaded potatoes. You name it – you can cook it up with either our superstar Naked Tofoo or smoky Smoked.

And don’t forget about The Tofoo Co Tempeh. It’s like our Tofoo if it had been at the gym – hard. So get to grips with it’s nutty and earthy taste and chockful of soya bean texture with some of our new Tempeh stir fry recipe, or give it a go in a tandoori naan! Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Get your head around what’s on offer with this handful of recipe links:





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