You’ve heard of Smoked Tofoo. You’ve chopped it, ripped it, mashed it, split it, shred it, sliced it, diced it. But it’s effort. Time out of your precious day, when what you actually want to be doing is instagramming that cute picture of your dog, replaying your favourite meme again, or battling your other half in a thumb war.

Fear not, Tofoo lovers. Introducing… Smoked Cubed Tofoo. The same wonderful, organic, smoky Tofoo you love and adore, just chopped into cubes in advance! So, all you have to do is rip off the plastic and get cooking, snacking or sizzling.

It’s only in selected Tesco stores currently, so make sure you give your local store a call before you leave your comfy nest and trek to the shops. Alternatively, why not give your fingers a workout and buy online at Check out our recipes page and get some inspiration to fill up your shopping basket with while you’re at it.

We can’t wait to hear what you guys think – Enjoy!