• December 23, 2021

5 Protein-Packed Tempeh Recipes

“JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS JINGLE ALL TH….” Oh that’s next month sorry we are getting ahead with ourselves. It is only November. 

We can’t believe November is almost over, all we have done this month is say ‘oh my gosh it is so dark’ every day at 4pm. Anyway, we digress. 

This month we are talking tempeh. Specifically, all the recipes you can make that are jammed packed with flavour AND protein. Now before we get into some scrum diddly umptious dishes let’s just do a recap of tempeh, what is it and why we love it.. especially this time of year. 

We describe tempeh as tofu that’s been hitting the gym – hard. In real terms, tempeh is still made from soy, but the whole bean is used in a fermentation process. While very similar to tofu the most notable differences between the two products has to be the texture of tempeh because of the use of the whole bean and the fermentation. Tempeh is firmer and has a slight nutty, earthy taste compared to the more neutral tasting, softer tofu. This process also means that tempeh is slightly higher in protein than tofu, as it is using the whole bean. This means Tempeh can really pack that protein punch in any dish you make. 

Just like tofu, tempeh is equally versatile, and will work very similar way, expect having that firmer bite. It can be fried, baked, sliced added to curries, stir-fries, etc and has no limits to the amount of flavour that can be packed in through processes such as marinading. Perfect for adding into warm hearty dinners or lunches this time of year. 

Here are 5 of our favourite protein packed Tempeh winter warmer meals that are the perfect way to kick start your tempeh journey if you are a novice or inspire new creations if you are a seasoned tempeh user.   

Tempeh Cottage Pie

Is there anything more comforting than a cottage pie? Nope we didn’t think so. Sometimes you just need a big old portion of rich tomatoey tempeh and a good bit of mash to go with it! 

Tempeh Spaghetti Bolognese

Another family comfort recipe. Tempeh lends itself well to a slow cooked Bolognese giving it that earthy meaty texture! This is a great one for batch cooking as the flavours only get better and better. 

Vietnamese Tempeh Stew

Warm comforting spicy and served with crusty bread. This is a 10/10 from us. It is truly everything you need and more to warm up a chilly November night. 

Tempeh Butty

Need we say any more….you must go make this immediately.. Tempeh ‘bacon’ is a great easy staple to make and then roll out in all kinds of dishes like Carbonara or a classic Vegan fry up. 

Sweet Soy Nasi Goreng 

A firm favourite recipe here at the Tofoo Co. Perfect for a quick easy tea. The distinct ketjap manis flavour goes perfect with the firm tempeh. YUM-MMMY 

As always if you make any of these SCRUMPTIOUS recipes… make sure you tag us on any of our socials. We love seeing what everyone creates.