What to do with Tofu

Cook it, don't cook it - you're the master of your own Tofoo

Whether you eat it straight off the block or chuck it in a wok, you're in charge of your Tofoo. But here are some cooking tips you might find useful.

Open the packet (obviously) and drain off any excess moisture - it's only natural. No need to press - we're special like that. Your Tofoo is firm enough without any meddling - but if you have to meddle, and want it super firm, wrap up in kitchen roll and stick a weight on top for extra squishing. About 10 minutes should do it. Then chop it up and you're ready to go.


Heat 1tbsp of oil in a pan and get it as hot as you can. Hotter still... a little more... perfect. Now fry your Tofoo until it's golden brown all over - 5 minutes or so - then simply chuck in any sauce and veg as usual. Feeling really snazzy? Dust with cornflower before frying to make it crispier. Or try different oils - sesame or coconut could be a game changer.


Everyone forgets to pre-heat their oven. But not you. You're a Tofoo legend. 160°C please. And while you're waiting, toss your Tofoo in oil and place on a baking sheet. Want it extra crispy? (Silly question.) Sprinkle a little cornflour. Now bake until golden brown and crisp - 20 mins should do the trick. Ta dah! Perfect Tofoo that's ready for anything.


Have any got any master chef tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

Posted in Hints & Tips on 29th April 2017

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