• Hints & Tips
  • April 28, 2017

Top Tofu Tips

Here at The Tofoo Co we know that Tofoo can be enjoyed in literally millions of ways, to help you revolootionaries narrow down your choice we have created some tasty Tofoo tip and recipes cards that we include in every pack of Naked or Smoked Tofoo.

We’ve just done some new cards and thought you might like a sneaky peak of some of them…

Our current fave recipe is Tofu & Sweet Potato curry, its absolutely delicious with your favourite naan bread.

…and if you want a top tip flavour then invest in some cornflour for an added crispy bite…

Look out for more top tips and recipes on our free in pack cards and on tofoo.co.uk.

If you’ve got any great recipes or tips on what you do with Tofoo let us know… [email protected].