Tofoo Turns One!

What’s a first birthday without cupcakes with your name on?!

Wahoo! Last week at Tofoo Co headquarters, all our staff had fun celebrating our first birthday. We were all so excited about our big milestone, and proud to be able to look back at what we have achieved over the past year.

Bringing five new products to the market, we have spread the word about our Tofoo Revolootion far and wide. No need to press, extra firm Tofoo is the way forward, and we’ve got loads of great feedback from you guys who agree with us too.

Of course, the Tofoo brick road has its challenges, and we continue to learn and grow on this soya filled journey.

Just a message from us to you to say thanks for coming on board, and we look forward to what our second year has to bring!

Posted in News on 16th November 2017

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Lily Robinson

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