• About Tofoo
  • May 1, 2017

The Tofoo Revolootion

About two years ago we decided to take a step off the Corporate ladder and find something we could truly call our own…

Between us we have collected lots of road miles developing and selling other peoples brands in food and in drink, we sat in our kitchen one day and found something really really interesting… tofu that tasted great! We found a great business in Malton that had been producing amazing handmade and organic Tofu for 30 years. Ron the founder wanted to retire and we thought more people should really get the chance to eat this fantastic tofu.

As we started to think more and more about tofu, we also found other like minded people were thinking about it as well… including Jamie Oliver:

In short: if you, like me, were once sat in a Chinese restaurant turning your nose up at tofu, I urge you to give it a second chance, because honestly, I love tofu! There. I said it.

Like Jamie we decided it was time to lead a tofu revolution and we started The Tofoo Co, we’ve had a whirlwind 12 months since buying the business but now The Tofoo Co is available in lots of Tesco’s, Ocado and since January,  Co-op stores in London.

Tofoo is a low fat and healthy protein but even more so, Tofoo is all about taste and texture. Our Tofoo is pressed more to be extra firm, we only use the very best sustainable Organic and GM free ingredients and most importantly we only ever use Nigari (a natural mineral from Sea Salts) to seprate our curds from our whey (not calcium sulfate which makes it taste chalky – its is plaster of paris after all), this is the old Japanese way of making tofu.

Our skilled Tofoo Makers are growing quickly too – from 8 to 22 in the past year and we are proud to have most of the original team who have been handcrafting tofu here in Malton for the past 30 years.

Lots of you have tried our Tofoo and some of you have got in touch to say how much they have enjoyed it… a few from recent days…

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for creating such a wonderful product. I am recovering from an eating disorder and always struggled to find healthy foods that i like, that was until i discovered Tofoo. What a fantastic product, tasty and quick and easy to prepare and i know that it is fully nutritious and really helping to rebuild my body. – Damian

Hi. Been eating tofu approx 15 years, to me , this is by far the best tofu i have ever ate so far. All good. – Mike

I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome product. I’ve recently turned vegan so have been buying loads of Tofoo to us in everything from stir fries and sandwiches to curries. I’ve been really impressed with the quality and firmness compared to some other brands. – Ryan

We do so love getting your feedback and our current favourite without doubt is….

“It is difficult for me to review this as I NEVER eat tofu – I find it normally extremely bland with a very strange texture. This was not so bland and the texture was not too bad so improvements all round. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t rush out and buy this again but if I was forced to eat tofu by someone holding a knife to my throat then this is the tofu I would choose. All in all, not awful”. – Anon

In short you are all helping us create a Tofoo revolution, yes even Lucy & Tiff from Made In Chelsea are fans…

We try to give something back by creating lots of recipes and tip cards to help you enjoy Tofoo in everything… Tofish & Chips, Indian, Mexican and of course, great Oriental dishes. If you’ve got any great ideas about Tofoo recipes then do let us know via our website, Facebook or Instagram, we are always looking for new inspiration!

So after a two year journey which has literally flown by, we are proud of the team who make it and the amazing tofu we found that day.

We will try and drop some interesting Tofoo related tidbits your way now we have a blog (carefully designed and crafted by Andy who has been working tirelessly to create it).

Thanks for help with the revolootion…

David & Lydia