• September 22, 2021

The nutritional benefits of tofu

It’s Vegan’s best kept secret but we’re here to spread the word: Tofu is NUTRICIOUS and DELICIOUS. So there.

It all starts with the mighty soybean, the basis of all good tofu. And these nifty little guys are a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids you need for a healthy diet- yum! Soybeans also have a high protein digestibility score, so they are considered a high-quality source of protein (YEAH! Let’s get those gains!).

To make tofu, soybeans are combined with water and a co-agulent (we use Nigari (a natural ingredient from sea water) in our Tofoo, but you’ll also find tofu made with calcium sulphate) into a delicious tofu block in a process that’s a bit like cheese-making but without the cows. The resulting tofu block is low in saturated fat and sugars and is a great protein source in many different types of meals. And once you realise it’s that easy to make tofu you can see why soybeans and tofu have been eaten for thousands of years across the world, forming part of a healthy balanced diet generation after generation.

But it’s important to keep things simple if you want all those handy health benefits. Stick to minimally processed forms of soy such as tofu, tempeh (tofu’s chunkier cousin), miso, or edamame beans. These foods serve up soy’s entire nutritional package without added the sugar, unhealthy fats, sodium, or preservatives that you usually find in highly processed foods. Just like anything: the less processed the better. So aside from knocking back some raw soybeans, tofu is right up there for its high nutritional benefits.

So yeah, all tofu’s good but we think Tofoo is really rather special…and not just cos we’re the ones making it! Here, only the finest soybeans are selected to make Tofoo and they must be ORGANIC, GM FREE, SUSTAINABLE. These super beans are then handmade into delightfully wonky blocks of tofu ready to be transformed into anything from super healthy tofu salads to super naughty tofu burgers (because who can resist a little treat every now and again!).