• Recipes
  • November 12, 2019

Teaming up time

November brings two new brand collaborations to shout about! Friends both new and old.

Firstly – welcome back MOB! They have created two amazing tofu recipes, one is on our website already for you to cook up the best side dish around – Salt and Pepper Smoked Tofoo crispy cubes. Beware of the spicy kick!

The second recipe is launching on our site Fri 29th Nov and is the perfect Friday fakeaway– so keep those eyes peeled, it’s not to be missed!

Time to say hello to School of Wok. Jeremy Pang and his amazing team have a flagship cookery school in London. School of Wok has three main goals: to eat great Asian food, to teach great Asian food and to laugh while doing so! Now there’s a mantra we can all get behind! Their fantastic bao bun kits are available to buy now, and you’ll find some Bao recipes on our tip cards in pack at the moment.

They are also running a Saturday Kitchen series – which combines Tofoo in unreal Asian dishes. Again – keep those peepers peeled as we will be sharing updates on our social media.

We hope you are as excited as we are to cook up these exciting Tofoo recipes!

Link to the first MOB Kitchen recipe here: https://tofoo.co.uk/recipes/salt-pepper-tofoo