Yes, you read that right. We’ve got a new product launching this January and it’s too good to miss. Drum roll please… for our Smoked and Spicy Tomato Sizzlers. All sizzle and no shizzle, these beauties are perfect in casseroles, butties, tagines, the list goes on. Smoked Sizzlers are available in Co-op and the Spicy Tomato you can pick up in Waitrose. Not to be missed!

The tofu joy does not stop there, we are spoiling you for Veganuary. We are also launching a new flavour of the Crispy Tofoo Bites – Sea Salt and Black Pepper. Satisfyingly seasoned with a pinch and a twist, these flavours taste great in a wrap, snazzy salad or just with good old chips and peas. Waitrose are stocking these!

What are you waiting for, get yourself out to stores now!

Link to the recipes here for our Sizzlers:

Link to the recipes here for our Crispy Tofoo Bites: