How do you like your Tempeh? We like ours with the ZING of South Indian Madras and we know you will too. Now you may think tempeh is only for the hardcore but, as the kids would say, we are absolutely smashing these new flavours, so tempeh can be for everyone. Even the more apprehensive. It is no exaggeration when we say these are the yummiest things in the whole world (and maybe even the stratosphere).

We’re pretty sure it was the famous Indian mathematician Aryabhata who discovered the universal flavour equation: Tempeh x Taste x Spicy Marinade = Yummy Madras Cubed. Try yours in a curry, wrapped in a flatbread with mango chutney or tossed in a Bombay potato salad. Now I don’t like maths but that is one equation I can get on board with.

Get frying, sizzling, baking, tossing, turning and finally eating these tasty bites of spicey curry gloriousness. You will be doing the stratosphere a disservice if you don’t!

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