New Tofoo recipes

The list of tasty tofu recipes goes on

We’ve had a little update to our recipes so there’s loads of tasty tofu recipes to get your teeth stuck into (quite literally). Really into our crispy recipes? Why not give sweet and sour wholemeal crispy Tofoo a go.  Or chuck your Southern Fried bites into a cracking fajita. It doesn’t end there – we’ve updated our Naked, Smoked and Oriental recipes too. Keep it zingy but simple with Hoisin Tofoo wraps. Or go completely out there and try Halloumi – Tofoo style.

All the recipes that have got your mouth watering are in the links here. But remember – the list is just about endless, so make sure you have a good look through! What are you waiting for, get cooking!

Posted in Recipes on 20th September 2019

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