Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favourite. Sorry – we should have warned you how smooth this tofu is. Made from 100% organic and sustainable soy beans and whizzed up into a super creamy tofu, our new Silken Tofoo’s has a softer texture that makes it perfect for using as a dairy replacement in sweet or savoury treats. That’s right, Tofoo for dessert is now an option- sweet!   

This is where you might be thinking ‘But what is Silken Tofu?’ 

We make Silken Tofoo with the same ingredients as our classic Tofoo blocks: water, soy beans and nigari. But the steps are a little different. With our traditional tofu the coagulant separates the curds from the whey (like cheesemaking) and it is the curds that are pressed to give you a block of firm tofu. With Silken this does not happen; no curds form and no pressing is required. So you are left with a silky-smooth delicate block opposed to the extra firm block you know and love… but don’t worry, you will love this one too! 

What makes our Silken Tofoo so special? 

We might be bias but we think this one is particularly tasty! Our Tofoo making process is chilled, using organic soya beans and natural nigari to make a fresh silken tofu that requires refridgeration. We think this gives a better flavour and product quality than tetrapaking. 

How to use Silken Tofoo? 

All these different types of tofu can be confusing! We recommend always having a block of extra-firm Tofoo on hand [Click here for recipe ideas], and a tub of Silken Tofoo [recipes here]. With these two staples, the world if your Tofoo oyster! 

Because of Silken Tofoo’s softer texture it can’t be used as a like for like substitution for firm tofu in our other recipes. However this creaminess opens up a whole new world of tofu possibilities! Think silky pasta sauces, indulgent chocolate mousses or even the best dessert on the planet: tiramisu! The mild flavour allows you to pack in all that yummy flavour and get creative. 

Check out our Silken Tofoo recipes here and pick up a pot now at selected Sainsbury’s stores!