Good News for May

Tofoo's in more Co-op stores than ever before - Smoked is in Tesco

Exciting news for you if you love all things Co-op – Naked 280g and Smoked Tofoo 225g blocks are now going to be available in more stores than ever before! From the 7th May, you can use our stockist finder to search for your nearest Co-op Tofoo stockist.

In other fab news, from the 21st of May, Smoked Tofoo 225g block will be available in Tesco.

Use the link below to find your nearest store so you can stock up on lots of tasty Tofoo!

Let us know if you find Tofoo where you haven’t seen it before – happy shopping Tofoo Lovers!

Posted in About Tofoo on 21st May 2018

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Lily Robinson

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