• About Tofoo
  • October 30, 2019

From Bean to Block

Here at The Tofoo Co HQ we take great care and attention with every block of Tofoo we make. That’s because we believe in THE BEST – the BEST beans, the BEST recipe, the BEST ingredients, the BEST tofu. And we think this makes us BETTER than all the rest.

We scrutinise every aspect of making Tofoo from the origin and quality of the MIGHTY soya bean through to every other step along the way. Each block of our Tofoo starts with great soya beans. And we thought it would be a rather good idea to share our story of how we go about making Tofoo and what makes us so special.

We’ve created the Bean to Block story, so you can read all about how seriously we take our sustainability. Head over to https://tofoo.co.uk/bean-to-block/ now to read in full.