• August 24, 2021

5 ways to make a Tofu Scramble

A Tofu Scramble is a STAPLE in any good tofu eaters repertoire and we know why. Its because something happens when you scramble tofu. And It Is MAGIC.

There are many ways to consume this glorious creation. We are going to give you 5 of our favourite ways. Many of which involve bread. Good old bread.

You can’t really go wrong with some top class toast and a healthy helping of scrambled tofu. It is a really speedy healthy meal- almost as easy as scrambled egg.

The very basic recipe goes…

Get a pan and add in plant based butter or a little oil. Crumble in (with clean hands) as much tofu as you fancy and fry until you start to see little golden bits. Next add a good splash of non-dairy milk (soy works the best for cooking) followed by your spices (we like to add black pepper and a dash of turmeric for colour) and wait till the milk has evaporated. Finally, add another splash of milk for creaminess, turn off the heat, sprinkle on some salt (or black salt for that eggy taste) and serve. This recipe can be adapted by adding in any of your favourite veggies!

Now you have the basic recipe the real magic can start.

If you are keeping it classic this recipe can be served on top of any bread product. Bagels, crumpets, English muffin, a croissant, in a wrap, on toast… and it has even been known, out of sheer desperation, to be served on a burger bun. Our inside sources says it was unexpectedly incredible in its unusualness.

Now take this recipe again and whack it on a full English. It is the perfect addition to that greasy Sunday morning fry up. Or combine with cheese and other breakfast goodness in a breakfast style burrito. Oooh la la these are good (and the perfect hangover cure!).

Up next is the speedy lunch of the century. A tofu ‘egg’ mayo sarnie. All you need is crumbled tofu, mayo of your choice, salt, pepper and a bit of turmeric for colour. Once you’ve got the basic mixture feel free to go a little wild if you want! Add a bit of chilli for that midday spice kick, or serve with some crispy fresh greens. Now all that goodness goes between two glorious pieces of bread and BAM! lunch is served.

Now for the last way to use scrambled tofu… no bread this time, it is Tofu Fried Rice. It is crazy how with a little garlic, ginger and soy sauce, scrambled tofu can go from breakfast of champs to dinner of kings. This is the perfect accompaniment to a Chinese fakeaway or just as a speedy dinner.

Scrambled Tofu + any carb = pure food bliss. Can’t get any better right? Wrong!

We (the incredibly talented people we are) have come up with a solution to the “I can’t be bothered to cook today” and the “I don’t have time”’s of this world. PRE-SCRAMBLED TOFU. And it’s available now at selected Sainsburys stores. Ready to go… just snip the corner get in a pan and in 5 minutes you are chowing down on any of the tasty recipes listed above.

If you make any of these scrumptious recipes make sure you tag us on our social media @tofoo so we can see!