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  • January 1, 2018

10 New January Recipes

Let’s be fair, unless it’s your birthday month, Jan can be a tricky one to get through. Christmas is over, it’s dark and grey, never mind that mounting social pressure making you feel the need to be a gym bunny! Get on the ‘New Year, New Me’ hype and push your taste buds to explore new tastes and textures with our 10 new recipes.

Throughout the month we’ll be sharing 10 new recipes with you on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For those of you that are super eager, they are all in the recipe section on our website, so check them out and see what you can create – link below.

Tofoo is not like tofu you might have tried before. We use nigari, which is an all-natural ingredient made from seawater to make our Tofoo extra firm and extra tasty. No soggy, tasteless tofu here. And with our Smoked and Oriental Spiced packs, there’s even more taste sensations to be tried.

So get on board the Tofoo Revolootion and get cooking!