Tempeh FAQs Tasty Tofoo Blocks

Tempeh is like tofu after it's been at the gym - hard. It's ripped with whole pieces of soya beans for a firmer, chewier bite. Fermented with a live culture, it's then pressed into a dense, high protein base.

Our Tempeh is organic, non-GM, dairy and gluten free.

Yes, unlike our tofu, our Tempeh is fermented with a live culture.

The live culture used is rhizopus oryzae culture.

As our Tempeh is fermented, there can be some visible black patches that occur, which is simply a sign that the fermentation process is complete.

Hail! The mighty soya bean! Here at The Tofoo Co HQ we have a super sourcing policy so only the finest beans will make it through our front door.

Our soya beans have to be from a sustainable source (tick), must always be organic (tick, tick) and of course GM free too (tick, tick, tick). This is our bean guarantee.

We source all our beans from Canada and China and are always on the lookout for sources closer to home, but we will only ever buy great tasting, salute worthy, sustainable beans.

No, Tempeh is not suitable for home freezing.

Everything you can do with Tofoo! Check out our Tempeh recipe page for some tasty dishes.

The cardboard can be recycled, however the film cannot be currently recycled. All of our cardboard is from approved, managed and sustainable sources. We are talking to our suppliers about the possibility of using recycled or renewable materials to replace our non-recyclable materials.