What’s that you say… another new product?! This time we have taken Tofu’s buff brother Tempeh and made it even tastier (and chopped it into little pieces…) in our new TEMPEH CUBED SWEET SOY.

Yes, we know these aren’t technically cubes. They’re rectangular prisms, cuboids or parallelepipeds. Or even 3D orthotopes. Did YOU know the real name for sweet soy is Ketjap Manis, ‘ketjap’ means soy sauce and ‘manis’ means sweet.

These perfectly imperfect little cubes go amazing in a stir fry, nasi goreng or just baked and thrown into a salad. But really, they are as versatile as all of our Tofoo products, be imaginative, spread your Tofoo wings and get creating!

Never tried Tempeh? Time to get your skates on! It’s like tofu that’s been hitting the gym, packed with whole pieces of soya beans to make it firmer and a wee bit chewier. Also, it is pretty high in protein at over 8g a serving, 25.2g if you eat the whole tray (which you might do since it’s so yummy).

If you were scared of Tempeh before now is the time to try as we have done all the heavy lifting and packing it full of tasty Sweet Soy flavour. Get yourself down to Waitrose on September 30th and fill your trolly! Give it a go and let us know what you think we are on Instagram (@tofooco) or write us an email to hello@tofoo.co.uk.