Spicy Sweet Chilli Tofoo

Yes, you read that right, new flavour alert

Wednesday marked the launch of a new crispy flavour product – Spicy Sweet Chilli flavour to be exact! It’s the same Tofoo you know and love, covered in a spicy sweet chilli crumb. Come on now, don’t be scared off by the chilli thing. These bites definitely won’t give you a super spicy kick right in the taste buds. Honest* Try them in a stir-fry, wrap or simply with good old chips and peas.

*Don’t believe a word of it!

And if you want our advice, get cooking up the Louisiana Po’ boy to taste these bites at their best!

Link to recipe from website: https://tofoo.co.uk/recipes/tofoo-bites-louisiana-poboy

Link to product page: https://tofoo.co.uk/products


Posted in News on 30th October 2019

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