Your week just got better because two new Tofoo products launched! 

Yes, we said two. You lucky ducks. 

First up is our new Tofoo Scrambled, delicious pieces of pre-scrambled Tofoo, seasoned to PERFECTION and ready to go. Now just so you know this is SCRAMBLED tofu not an ‘egg’ replacement – But feel free to add some black salt if that eggy tastes floats your scrambled boat.  

Enjoy yours on sourdough toast, mixed with mayo in a sandwich or go SUPER FANCY PANTS 
on a bagel with wilted greens. We’ve just taken your breakfasts, brunches, lunches and Brinners (that’s breakfast for dinner) to a whole new level of scrumptious scrambled.  

Up next, is Tofoo falafel.

What would you call a mix of traditional falafel with moist tofu? Tofulafal. Falafu. Falafelicious? We couldn’t decide so we just went with Falafel.  

Now we get it, this is a little rogue even for us crazy kids at The Tofoo Co. But hear us out.  

Tofoo Falafel is a mouth-watering hit of traditional Middle Eastern spices, chickpeas and moist Tofoo. This gives the falafel an extra protein hit while still keeping those classic falafel flavours from the cumin and coriander. Serve it up with humous and couscous, or bang it in a pitta with salad and raita.’ 

#shamelessplug Check out the recipe section of our website here for some inspo.  

Where can you find these new gems of unique Tofoo goodness you ask? Well currently both of these are stocked in Sainsburys but will be coming to other stores soon. Keep your eyes peeled!  

To make way for these new creations we’re having to say bye bye to our Tofoo Sizzlers. These are good’ens though and we think you’re gonna love them! 

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @tofooco if you manage to get your hands on our new products, we’d love to see what you create with them!’