First we brought you Tofoo (the best). Then we brought you flavoured Tofoo (can we get a whoop whoop for Teriyaki block?). Then we brought you Tofoo bites, and finally we brought you frozen Tofoo. Did you think that was all? Did you think we would just leave you with your jaws on the ground thinking ‘How could they possibly top this?!’.  

Well pick up your jaws, we did it: INTRODUCING STRAIGHT TO WOK SRIRACHA. Yeah, that’s right- Straight to Wok just got spicier. Crispy Tofoo cubes dusted in tangy Sriracha spices and ready to stir fry from frozen.  

Speedy dinners just got spicy! 

Everything is better with crispy tofu. The texture and the versatility makes it a 10/10 in our eyes 👀 But who’s got time to faff around with cornflour on a week night?! Fear not, we’ve done all the work for you. These little cubes of goodness are pre-dusted in cornflour AND pre-fried for crispiness. All you need to do is whack them in a frying pan and add your fav veggies and sauce.  

Why Frozen?  

If you’re a tofu expert you might already know that freezing tofu can alter the texture and make it a bit spongey. But our amazing development team have worked their magic and found a way to freeze our STW cubes without changing the texture from the firm product we all know and love. GENIUS! Now you can always have Tofoo on hand. Ready to cook up into a culinary masterpiece even when you only have 10 mins to cook something scrumptious and you haven’t been food shopping in aaaages.  

Need some inspo check out this Firecracker Tofoo Rainbow Bowl. You will not be disappointed

These tasty cubes might be hot 🌶 but you can find them in the freezer aisle now at Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores! ❄ 

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