Some might say laziness, we say efficiency. Not only have we marinated this flipping tasty Tofoo in tempting Teriyaki for a quick and hassle-free burst of flavour, it is also already cubed so there’s no need to chop, just chuck them in any dish and get chowing down. So, for the lazy *cough cough* efficient people out there- this is what we call perfection.

The literal translation of Teriyaki comes from two ancient Japanese words – Teri meaning ‘get this stuff in your mouth pronto’, and Yaki meaning ‘gosh, this is flipping gorgeous’. Try Teriyaki Tofoo in your stir fries, on skewers, in wraps, or simply served with rice. We pinkie swear these will become a staple in your speedy midweek meals and they’re available now from the Co-op!

Go on give it a shot-  your taste buds will thank you! We challenge you to make the yummiest looking meals and tag us on Instagram @tofooco or on Facebook. We see every post and sometimes repost the ones that make our mouths extra water.